Other Tiger Productions reinterprets the form of theater to reach other audiences and tell other stories.


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Why Other Tiger?

“...We'll hunt for a third tiger now, but like
The others this one too will be a form
Of what I dream, a structure of words, and not
The flesh and blood tiger that beyond all myths
Paces the earth. I know these things quite well,
Yet nonetheless some force keeps driving me
In this vague, unreasonable, and ancient quest,
And I go on pursuing through the hours
Another tiger, the beast not found in verse.”

-from The Other Tiger by Jorge Luis Borges


“Other Tiger Production is a fresh and innovative theatre company that has an experienced leadership in all aspects of theatre production. I am happy to be part of [The Palabras Project], I feel I am in a creative and supportive environment, and look forward to being part of contributing to the goals and vision of this company.”

— Armando Gutierrez G.


Through multidisciplinary collaborations, intentional inclusivity and a re-examination of traditional theater practices, Other Tiger Productions brings artists and audiences together to celebrate a global theater experience. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue other forms, stories and modes of collaboration in order to present an inclusive and global theater experience.


Our work is guided by the following vision and values:

  • Deliberate collaboration with artists and communities who challenge the assumptions of dominant cultures.
  • A practice that values collaborators’ time and commitment with equitable working conditions, including competitive compensation.
  • A reevaluation of the theatrical canon, common creative practices and traditional use of space.

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Join us as we work to transform Twin Cities theater to become more inclusive, more impactful and reach OTHER audiences.

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