Elysium Blues is a blues musical that begins after the end of Eurydice’s life. Disoriented and wary, she debarks an Underground train in the land of the dead to begin her ever after.



Rarig Xperimental


MN Fringe Festival, 2013


Eric Mayson, Rachel Austin, Rebecca Wall, ShaVunda Horsley, Devin Hueffed, Danika Ragnhild, Laura Robards


Hades is strange, to say the least, and run by child-like Persephone, whose slick spoken-word rhymes and in-your-face attitude hide a distressing past.

Eurydice’s life on earth had been no picnic either—she’d spent her days running, hiding, fleeing and drinking away the charismatic but devastating Orpheus. Life underground seems a bit more relaxed, but just as soon as she’s swallowed the waters of forgetfulness, a rogue train hurtles into the station. Yes, that persistent Orpheus has found a way to follow her down to Hades, and he’s hell bent on reclaiming her. Now Eurydice must decide whether to continue running, turn and fight, or find another way to stay dead.

Praise for Elysium Blues:

“This made my soul sing. Stunning vocalists with effortless emotion, careful treatment of the abyss of domestic violence, and the representations of the dangerous beauty and unsung heroism of the stories we tell our children.” –Lisa Hu, Minnesota Playlist

“An unusual take on an old story, and one well worth seeing.” – Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

“It blew my mind.” – Kenna Cottman, Minnesota Playlist